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We, the Temple Tattoo Advocacy Group, believe the Tattoo ban in Temple, TX should be Amended to Protect the 1st Amendment Rights of the Citizens and Visitors of Temple, to Promote Healthy Practices in the Community, to break Social Stereotypes that Discriminate against Tattooed Individuals and Businesses, and to allow the Cultural, Economic, and Artistic influences that Tattooing has to offer, be a part of the Temple Community.

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"The tattoo itself, the process of tattooing, and the business of tattooing are forms of pure expression fully protected by the First Amendment."

Anderson v. City of Hermosa Beach 621 F.3d 1051 (9th Cir. 2010)

Tattoos contain a variety of words, messages, images and artwork. "They can express a broad range of messages, and they may be purely decorative or serve religious, political, or social purposes,"

Coleman v. City of Mesa

"All censorships exist to prevent anyone from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently, the first condition of progress is the removal of censorship."

George Bernard Shaw.

1st Amendment

We cannot let the Rights Promised to us by the Declaration of Independence be taken away! These rights are what make us American.

Several Federal Courts have ruled that it is Unconstitutional for a City to Ban Tattooing, as it is an Expression Protected by the 1st Amendment. The City of Temple believes that Tattooing is not a form of Expression by the Artist, because it is common for the Client receiving the work from the Artist to have influence on the Subject Matter. This is also common in all Expressive Arts Protected by the 1st Amendment that are successful enough to demand Commissions from its Patrons. Regardless of Subject Matter, the Creation of the Design and the Decisions of Application and Technique are the real Avenues for Expression that all Artists use. The Artist makes decisions that Define his or her Ideas of what Tattooing is. This includes Ideas and Expressions about line width, proportion, focal point, color saturation and balance, appearance on the body part, tools to use, techniques to apply, and countless other factors that go into every work. These expressions they choose to make are what defines them as an Artist, and is the Freedom of Expression that is protected by the 1st Amendment.


Tattooing is a Professional, Legitimate Business that makes a Global Economic Impact on Business and Spending. It was estimated in 2006 that $1.65 Billion Dollars were spent Annually in America, with Trends showing an Increase in spending. By Banning Tattooing, Temple is not only Shutting the Door on the Economic Stimulation that Tattooing has to offer, but Denying the other Businesses in the Community the Shared Market Benefits that the Resource of Tattooing has to offer. Large Portions of Tattoo Business comes from Outside the Local Community. When Tattoo Studios are allowed to Operate, there is a Huge Influx of People Traveling into the Community to Receive the Specific Services of the Desired Local and Traveling Artists. Tattoo Patrons very rarely come alone, and it is Extremely Common for the Accompaniment to Explore the Community for Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment, which Exposes Businesses of all kinds to Potential Revenue from Outside and Inside the Community. Tattoo Studios make a Drastic and Immediate Impact on Economic Development. The Temple Tattoo Ban Disables the community from Reaping the Shared Benefits of this Successful Industry.

Public Health

Unprofessional Tattooing is an unrecognized Epidemic that commonly spreads a huge variety of Blood Borne Diseases and various Skin Infections that can be very Dangerous or Fatal to both the Person receiving the Unprofessional Tattoo, and the Community that the Individual Interacts with. There is no way for Temple to consistently Police or Regulate unprofessional tattooing. Professional Tattooing is a Safe, Government Regulated Practice. Because there is a Prohibition of Professional, Safe Tattooing in Temple, there is No Resource for Education to the Public about Safe Practice and Proper Procedure regarding Tattooing, and the General Public is at a Greater Risk of making a Dangerous Decision. There is no Healthy Alternative for the Temple Tattoo Collector. By Banning Professional Tattooing, Temple is not only Denying it's Citizens the resource of Clean, Professional, Knowledgeable Tattooing. Lifting the tattoo Ban would Immediately improve the Public Health by allowing a Clean, Professional, Regulated Environment to receive a Tattoo.


Tattoos have been a part of Every Culture and Civilization known to Man. The Earliest Evidence of Tattooing was found on Otzi the Iceman, a well preserved Natural Mummy who lived around 3,300 B.C and had Several Tattoos. Today, Tattooing is a Modern, Healthy Practice that gives both the Artist and the Collector a place in one of the Oldest and Most Respected Cultures in Human Existence. Tattoos have recently had a Huge Impact on Modern Culture, due to Popularity of Tattoo Programs in the T.V and Media. Tattoo Culture has Influenced all Modern Imagery, from the Fine Arts, to the designs on Wal-Mart T-Shirts. Read More..


Tattooing Has a Distinct Place in Modern Art. Tattoo Art has Spilled into All Mediums and become an Influence on Modern Views of Art and Beauty. Tattoo Artists are Not Limited to the Medium of Tattoo Exclusively. In any community that allows Tattooing, Artistic Works and Commissions Can be found in the Surrounding Area, Beautifying the Local Environments, and Showcasing the Communities Ability to Produce Successful Artists and Culture. The Artist Enriches the Community by Sharing His or Her Expressions in forms that all People can Appreciate and Relate to. The Current Tattoo Policy of Temple, TX Prevents the City from taking advantage of the Resources that Tattoo Artists Provide in Any Community.


An Astonishing 40% of Americans between the ages of 26-40 are Tattooed, as well as 36% of Americans between the ages of 18-25. Tattooed People may not be the Majority, but they are a Huge part of the Population. Despite an Undeniable Presence of the Healthy, Happy, Responsible, Law Abiding Tattooed Population, there are still Ridiculous Stereotypes that Overshadow Individuals and Businesses alike. It has been polled that 1/3 of the Untattooed Public (32%), believe that Tattooed people are More likely to have Deviant Behavior than Untattooed People. 27% of the Untattooed Population believe that Tattooed People are less Intelligent, and 25% believe that they are less Healthy. Read More..


There is no reason for the Current Tattoo Ban, other than Discrimination of People, Businesses, and Ideas. The Ban also puts the General Public at a Greater Health Risk by Denying Safe, Government Regulated Practice. Please Have the Courage to Stand Up for the Rights, the Health, the Culture, the Economic Development, and Personal Pride of Yourself, the Community, and Generations to come!

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